Ransom Note

Dear Anthea...

We currently hold hostage a group of furry hamsters from a remote forest in Patagonia.

Hamster lying down

They are being very well treated at the moment...

We are sure that you would like this to remain the case and there is a way that you can ensure their speedy and safe return to their homes built from leaves and mud in the forest.

Before the end of Friday 27 April 2018 you are to place a call to Almero Steyn and inform him of a spa treatment you would like to enjoy in the near future. He will then ensure that it is booked and that you arrive there on time and get picked up after again.

Image of an asian spa

Failure to do so will mean no spa treatment for you and an uncertain future for the hamsters.

To assist you with your decision here is a countdown to the deadline. We hope you make the right choice.

The hamsters ... ahem ... your choice expires in:

Happy Birthday by the way!!!

Meerkat band playing Happy Birthday