Halloween type text saying Killing Accessibility With Five Words on a grayscale movie theatre background.

A tragedy by:

Almero Steyn

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Gather close, all ye with courage.

For today's tale is fraught with misadventure.

Meet our heroic developer...

Gender neutral figure with a big toothy smile.

...who, on a warm sunny day,
finds the wonderful world
of coding...

Gender neutral figure smiing in the sun.

...a world where droves
of good tooling abound.

From this treasure our hero selects <Fancy Tags>...

Gender neutral figure making a choice for the Fancy Tags framework.

...a tool so powerful,
that an abundance of websites
appear in no time at all!

Until the day they hear a rumour
that many cannot use their sites!

Gender neutral figure expressing shock.

Our hero is not hindered,
they will learn about
this accessibility magic!

So they scour the digital lands
from east to west...

Open golden handheld compass.

...but there is little to find...

Gender neutral figure expressing disappointment.

information relating to
<FancyTags />.

So they turn to the great Oracle of Tweet...

Gender neutral figure thinking about tweeting.

...and ask.
"How can I make accessible magic
with <FancyTags />?"

Then the Oracle speaks, with great condemnation...

Outline of female with megaphone.

"Thou should already knowest this!"

"Only on a site of
The Great Static HTML
is accessibility to be found"

"Thy framework is not accessible! Thine quest is doomed to fail!"

Our hero is crushed.
This cannot be!

Gender neutral figure crying.

"All my training cannot be for nothing!"

"All my peers do not speak false!"


"It is this accessibility magic
that is false!"

Gender neutral figure expressing anger.

"I shall not be thwarted, I shall continue on the path I know!"

Gender neutral figure expressing happiness.

And so our hero returns to the beginning of this misadventure...

with accessibility doomed to die.

Grave stone with RIP written on it.

... FIN ...

My story...

I come from a science background

Various colourful and interconnected chemistry flasks.

"Found" a11y after more than 15 years

Three baboons, two of which is expressing surprise.

Development meant hard work to stay relevant

Painting of sisyphys.

Fought hard for accessibility

Two kangaroos boxing.

Unexpected "attacks" from a11y folk

Dog unexpectedly attacked by a cat.

Inclusivity also means...

...technology inclusion.

A real-world example...

Image of Tweet by Max Stoiber showing only 43% of more than 14000 respondents answered a simple CSS question correctly.

"You cannot call yourself a web developer if you only do CSS-in-JS and don't know the CSS cascade!" - The CSS crowd

"Oh really? I don't even want to learn your archaic knowledge anyway, we work with the real web technologies!" - The JS crowd

"How can you say that my knowledge does not matter?"- The CSS crowd

"How can you say that my knowledge does not matter?" - The JS crowd

And then...

Medieval battle re-enactment showing four participants in mock battle.

Knowledge transfer pie chart.

Joke pie chart showing that now knowledge was transfered.

No one likes to hear that their knowledge is irrelevant.

When in defend-mode people stop working towards a mutually beneficial solution.

But how do we fix this without stepping on too many toes?

Image of tweet by Sarah Drassner suggesting a better approach is needed for education, offering to help make the resources required.

Developers need real solutions for real problems.

Reality check!

Frameworks and libraries

are only gaining traction!

  • React
  • Vue
  • Angular

NPM download stats

Between 2018-01-01 and 2018-06-30

Package Downloads
react 55,086,126
@angular/core 18,205,159
angular 8,385,672
vue 8,195,084

Downloads per month

There has been a steady increase in downloads for the front-end frameworks over the past two years.

Who uses React?

Facebook, NPM, AirBNB, IMDb, Instagram, Netflix, Paypal, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter Mobile, Udemy, Vevo, Walmart, Wix, Yahoo, Wordpress Gutenberg and many, many more!

Who uses Vue

Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, Alibaba, EuroNews, Grammarly, GitLab and growing fast!

Who uses Angular

GMail, Google Ads, Google Cloud, Google Pay, PayPal, FitBit, LEGO, ABC News, SanDisk, American Red Cross, UPS, The Guardian and lots more!

This will only increase...

Imagine if we could inspire developers to build accessible sites with these!

What are the current challenges?

  • Inaccessible documentation examples
  • Lack of how-to a11y guides for frameworks
  • Lack of accessible UI components
  • Accessibility gets hard in real world apps
  • Careless comments from those who reach many

Inaccessible docs examples

If we can say that an example is inaccessible we already know why. Don't just tweet, create a PR too.

Lack of articles on accessibility in Frameworks

When we write a post about something being broken, let's show how it can be fixed.

Lack of accessible UI components

Build accessible examples or help library builders.

Accessibility easily gets hard in JS apps

Are we too quickly saying that "Accessibility is easy"?

Careless comments from those who reach many

Alas, we can only control our own words.

Putting my money where my mouth is

Image of money on a plate and in a wineglass ready to be consumed.

Frameworks work because they:

  • Boost productivity
  • Allow easy re-use
  • Make testing easy
  • They are fun to work with

This means they should:

  • Boost accessibilty productivity
  • Allow easy re-use of accessible elements
  • Make accessibility easier to test
  • Make accessibility fun to work with

Using accessible building blocks simply has to increase the chance of achieving accessibility

Tenon UI

Logo of Tenon.io

Example: A WAI-ARIA tabbed interface

What makes an accessible tabbed interface?

  • It tells people that it is a tabbed interface
  • It lets people know that a tab is selected
  • Only the selected tab exists in the focus order
  • It accepts arrow key navigation
  • It should be easy to reach the content

Ok lets go to the official stuff


1    (function () {
2    var tablist = 
3        document.querySelectorAll('[role="tablist"]')[0];
4    var tabs;
5    var panels;
6    var delay = determineDelay();
     //Lots more code
251     if (target === focused) {
252         activateTab(target, false);
253     };
254  };
255 }());

Can I re-use in a component?


function generateArrays () {
  tabs = document.querySelectorAll('[role="tab"]');
  panels = document.querySelectorAll('[role="tabpanel"]');
var key = event.keyCode;
alert('Soooo deprecated!');

Lets use some React magic!

Magician's hat and wand.

Tabs in action

The resulting abstraction

    <Tabs.Tab title="Panel 1">
        <p>You are on panel 1.</p>
    <Tabs.Tab title="Panel 2">
        <p>You are one panel 2.</p>
    <Tabs.Tab title="Panel 3">
        <p>You are on panel 3.</p>

Want to know what makes it tick?

Keep your eye on the Tenon.io blog!


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